PuppetConf2014 is a wrap!



Holy crap that was a great conference. It took a couple of days to recover, but I think it went really well.

I taught Practitioner Sat-Mon, had a workshop Tuesday, then I did session operator duty on Wednesday. In between, I attended a couple of talks and sat at the Walk-In Clinic dispensing advice. I had much more fun than I should have, but there it is.

Here, have some links:

My workshop Github repo

I attended Jeff McCune’s talk about using Puppet with containers. Here’s his repo.

Day 1 wrap-up with great tweets

Day 2 wrap-up with tweets

Puppet’s Simplified Agent Installer


I just played around with installing a Puppet agent using PE 3.2, using the new simplified installer. It’s nifty once you figure out how it works. Here’s what I did.

First of all, I’m using two nodes, a master and agent, using CentOS 6.5, running virtualized on VMWare Fusion. First, I installed the PE master using the usual bundled install script.

Then, I used PE console to add the proper package class to the available classes. I then classified the Master to use the class. In this case, I used pe_repo::platform::el_6_x86_64. I then ran puppet agent -t on the master to get the packages and scripts in the proper place. Just for shits n’ giggles, I did a service pe-httpd restart to be sure everything would work.

On the node, I then ran:

curl -k https://master.puppetlabs.vm:8140/packages/current/install.bash  | bash

That was it. Everything installed and Puppet is running. Of course, we’re just curling a bash file, and we’re still using a bash script to install Puppet once more…BUT this beats the heck out of an answers file when you think about massive deployments that need fast provisioning.